A question to the expert: “How to live with a person who does not want to share me with anyone?"

To be the only one – whether millions dream about that? But those who are “lucky” believe that this is not so simple.

“I love the ideal man, but he cannot stand it when I meet someone else, whether relatives or friends. “

Fortunate463, 25 years old

Ekaterina Mikhailova, psychotherapist:

“The relations in which one of the partners claims to be all the time and the attention of the other, as if trying to completely“ absorb ”it, the prospects of the unimportant. Of course, there are a huge temptation in this type of relationship: there are so many complaints about male indifference, selfishness, treason around, and they love me so much! But you are alarmed and you definitely feel: something is wrong. Your friend wants to be with you all the time, as if it does not need any more or nothing – and by default requires (or will demand soon), so that you do not need any more and no longer need anything. So a painful story may begin – an attempt to appropriate another person, “strangle in your arms”, and with his consent – love! Further, as a rule, the following happens: panting in isolation, the second participant is trying to conquer or beg at least some personal space and time, makes some sharp movement (this can be a proposal to part or find work with frequent trips). The sanctions are different – heavy scenes, threats, promises to change! Since the attachment is formed and the second partner believes that he cannot live without these relations, he returns – and it all starts again. Moreover, on every next round, everything is darker and more hopeless. Of course, both suffer. Accusations and resentment are accumulating

, you will not understand who “has broken life” to whom. Such a gloomy story. In your case, it is just beginning and other scenarios are still possible. It is clear that “two are needed for tango”, and it is important to understand how you yourself involuntarily play along with him (although it probably seems that this is not so). The most important thing for you is not to get bogged down in a trap of co -dependent relationships, which are so often mistaken for love. “.

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Rambler & Co launched the Rambler News Service news agency

RAMBLER group of companies&Co announces the launch of its own news agency – Rambler News Service (RNS). The agency will focus on economic topics and coverage of corporate events.

The RNS editors of more than 50 people will create an exclusive news content in different formats on economic topics.

On the website of the news agency (www.rns.Online) indicates 11 main sections: economics, finance, fuel and energy complex, fuel and fuited facilities, Internet, industry, transport, consumer markets, IT and media, military -industrial complex, brands, advertising industry. In addition, there is a separate section “Theme of the day”, which in format is similar to the first -headed material of the printed newspaper, and “The figure of the day”, emphasizing the significant fact of all the events of the day. It is planned to publish interviews, announcements of upcoming events, information about resignations and appointments, as well as comments on industries from market participants and leading experts in video format.

The chief editor of the agency was appointed Peter Kanaev. Earlier, he worked as the first deputy chief editor of the TASS Economic Service, and before that-the deputy chief editor of the online publication “Gazeta.ru “,


where the Bloc” Business and Finance “oversaw.

Sergey Yakovlev, who will retain the post of editor -in -chief of the Rambler portal, Rambler, is appointed managing director of Rambler News Service.News and Saturday.Rambler. To Rambler&CO Sergey Yakovlev came to the post of head of Rambler in July 2014.News, and six months later he took the position of chief editor of the entire portal. At one time, Yakovlev worked as a TASS special corner in Washington, launched a city magazine for Gazprom-Media, Internet and television projects in RBC holding. His projects received such awards as “Runet Prize”, “Golden Site” and “Brand of the Year”.

“Already at the start, the RNS agency receives a multimillion -dollar audience of our holding, since synergy with other media projects of Rambler is planned&CO, including with such as Gazeta.Ru and Lenta.ru, ”said Sergey Yakovlev, managing director of Rambler News Service.

According to Yakovlev, the agency will earn at the first stage mainly on media advertising, so the content is planned to be posted in open access.

Rambler&CO is one of the largest Russian groups of companies operating in the field of media, technology and e -commerce. The group of companies was formed in 2013 as a result of the association of Afisha-Rabler assets (Internet Holding Rambler, Poster, Ribbon.RU ”,“ Begun ”,“ Price Express ”and“ Rambler-Igra ”) and SUP Media (“ Gazeta.ru “, Livejournal.com, “Championship.com “and others). Since April 2014, the company has been working under a single Rambler brand&Co. The chairman of the board of directors and the head of the group is Alexander Mamut.

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